How to Give Your Lungs the Support They Need

When you are given health advice, it often concerns your heart, your muscles and your joints. You are constantly warned about keeping your blood pressure low and your cholesterol in check. However, you may not hear much about your lungs. Lung health is essential to maintaining a good quality of life. If your body does not get enough oxygen, it adversely affects all of your organs and limits your activities. Luckily, you can keep your lungs healthy by following a few simple tips.

No Smoking

Smoking is deadly for your lungs. Do not be tempted to take up the habit. If you already have, stop. Smokers drastically raise their chances for lung cancer, COPD and asthma. If your lungs are already impaired, smoking will exacerbate your condition. With every cigarette, you are showering your lungs with harmful chemicals.

Aerobic Exercise

Your lungs will be stronger if you give them regular workouts. Your lungs need to expand and contract at higher rates than they do when your body is at rest. Try to get your lungs working hard at least three times a week. You can walk, bike, run or do a gym workout. You don’t have to be gasping for breath, but it should be difficult to carry on a normal conversation. Your lungs will be stronger, and they will function better.

Air Quality

Work on keeping the air quality in your home at a high level. You should test your home for radon and keep it smoke free. Consider getting an air purifier and more indoor plants. Stay inside as much as possible on outside bad air days. You can still exercise indoors.

Regular Healthcare

Everyone should visit their physician for regular checkups. If you have a respiratory condition, these checkups are essential for your health. Also, if you experience trouble breathing or contract an infection, you should see medical attention as soon as possible. Untreated lung problems can lead to permanent lung damage.

Preventing illness is also important. Wash your hands frequently and avoid those people with colds or the flu. If you can’t avoid them, considering wearing a mask to protect your lungs when you are in close contact.

For most people, supporting lung health is not difficult. Stay away from smoking and smokers, exercise regularly and routinely visit your physician. Keep your lungs healthy, and you will have a much better chance at having a long and satisfying life.