Dealing with Uncertainty in Uncertain Times

It feels like we’re making a disaster movie right now. One with an apocalyptic plot. But there’s no script. No director. No catering truck. This is real life, not fiction. 

Living in these uncertain times is overwhelming. The media outlets tell tales of despair and desperation. The breaking news never stops breaking. The economy has melted down. 

Such uncertainty creates a thousand questions. When can we make motion pictures again? When will things be normal again? 

It’s the not knowing that’s the worst part. The “unknowns” are endless. 

But motion pictures have taught us hope. And hope is returning. 

You’re not powerless

If life feels out of control, focus on the things under your control. Your work ethic. Your attitude The way you treat others. The amount of time you spend on social media. (Watch a movie instead.)

These things prove you’re not powerless. 

If you’ve lost your job or income during this difficult time, you still have control over how much energy you put into searching online for work, filling out applications, or networking with your friends, family and contacts, according to

We couldn’t agree more. 

Or use this downtime to do something you’ve always wanted to do. That online editing course. The script or business idea you have been procrastinating over for years. Maybe this is a good time to realize your dream. 

Manage stress

Stress isn’t good for our health, so let’s look after ourselves. 

  • Get lots of rest — Research shows that a good night’s sleep calms the body, regulates mood, improves concentration, and enhances decision-making.
  • Give someone a call — Don’t lose touch with co-workers during this crisis. Call, text, or Zoom someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Support a good cause — Do your bit in the community. It feels good!
  • Know that things will get better — They always do! Ride this out, and look forward to the future. 


This is a perfect time to reflect on past successes. Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s time to pause and reflect on our achievements so far — and what we want to accomplish next. Let’s use this time to acknowledge our skills and accomplishments and look forward.  The road forward is always more interesting than the road behind.

Also, realize that we’ve overcome stressful times before. We can do it again. 

Ask for help

There’s no shame in asking for help in uncertain times. If you’re struggling financially, there are resources out there.

Here at Will Rogers, we’re proud to be offering the second phase of our COVID-19 relief effort. You could be entitled to an emergency grant from the Pioneers Assistance Fund. 

Or you might need someone to talk to. If you need emotional support, we’ve got your back. For 83 years, we’ve helped “our own” — people who work in the motion pictures industry. We arrange counseling services to those experiencing hardship from underemployment, illness, or an accident. Learn more here