Beyond ‘Thank You’: Expressions & Benefits of Gratitude

Do some people just seem to invite happiness, success and health into theirlives? They might! Several studies in the last few years have indicated that experiencing gratitude can have measurable positive effects on health and lifestyle, from lower blood pressure to improved mood, to more satisfying social interactions. But how do they do it, and more important, how can you?

What is gratitude, exactly? Experts seem to agree that it is the mindful appreciation of what you already have. The feeling of enough. We have commented many times that you can read this newsletter, knowing you have the support of our organization, and that may be enough for today. Even on days when you feel down or alone, you have the ability to lift your own mood by finding something that you already have, and put focus on having it.

You can capture these appreciations in a gratitude journal, “Today I felt grateful for a delicious soup at lunch;” or in a letter or an email to a friend or family member, “I’m so lucky to have you in my life”. Note it on your calendar, “Today I am grateful for…” It’s called practicing gratitude, just as we suggested practicing mindfulness.

Here are a few more samples to try:

  • Start your day with a morning meditation. Thank your Higher Power, or the Universe, for the day.

  • Instead of a simple ‘Thank you,” say, “I really appreciate it.”

  • Remind someone who did you a favor how much it meant to you, even if was years ago.

  • Tell your body, “Thanks for carrying me through this day,” as you fall into bed at night.

In addition to having polite manners, gratitude actually makes you a better person. It can improve your immune system, as well as your outlook on life. It makes you more generous, compassionate and happy! Smile and the world smiles back. Positive energy begets positive energy. We thank you for your contribution to the film industry and to this organization. The next move is yours. We really appreciate it!



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