2017 Health Calendar

Do you wish people a happy and healthy new year?  We do!  We want to help you make a plan to stay healthy both mentally and physically in the coming year.

Moving your body throughout the year takes focus and commitment, especially during the busy holidays and colder months. Issues such as finding the time, getting up when it’s still dark outside, or heading out to the gym when the temperature drops are some of the challenges to a successful fitness regimen. What if you scheduled ahead of time? What about a fitness calendar to keep you on task?

If you live some place where it’s too cold to exercise outside, fill your January and February fitness calendar with indoor activities like stretching, yoga, or lifting weights. Give yourself credit for vigorous house cleaning every few weeks. Look ahead to March and April by moving your workout outdoors for Tai Chi or walks, followed by gardening in May and June, then swimming in the summer. Bowling is a great workout any time of year, especially as fall rolls around and it starts to get cold. By planning exercise for the months ahead, you are imprinting it on your brain, mindfully preparing for a year of steps to physical health!

Add mental health “workouts” to your calendar as well. Meditate in March. Make a new friend in May. Learn a new skill in November. It’s equally important to pay attention to your mental health throughout the year. If you know that a certain anniversary affects your mood, put it on the calendar so it doesn’t catch you off guard. Schedule intervals to check in with yourself emotionally, evaluate your sleep, consider how you deal with stress, and stay connected.

We are also here year-round, for health reminders, fitness ideas and supportive check-ins. Give us a call at (888) 994-3863.


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