Stress Kits

Your friends at the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation created this Stress Kit to share some tips and tricks to take care of yourself in times of stress. Each item represents one small thing you can do to take back control when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Lavender Aromatherapy Sleep Mask:

This mask provides acupressure and aromatherapy to relax tired eyes to reduce eye strain and relief of headaches and stress. The scent of the dried lavender flower filling provides a soothing and relaxing spa-like experience anywhere you go!

Pencil and Sharpener:

Research suggests that the act of writing something down rather than typing it on a computer could help you retain the information better. So, whether it’s writing down a note while at work, journaling your thoughts to decompress after a long day, or making a grocery shopping list, the simple act of pencil on paper may help the information stick!

Lavender Essential Oil Roller:

The essential oils in our Lavender Calm roll-on are great for the skin and the mind. Lavender can calm nerves, help reduce the severity of a headache, and support a better night’s rest. Even better, the convenient size means you can easily carry it in your pocket or travel bag.

Chewing Gum:

Studies show that chewing gum can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. It also can help you stay focused for longer periods of time on tasks that require your concentration.

Calming Cards:

It’s hard to know why we react the way we do in different situations. We designed these cards to assist you in a journey of self-knowledge and to support you as you find more ways to understand who you are and how your body responds to your environment.

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